8+ years of experience within the industry


I've been working in the industry for nearly a decade as an in-house designer for a companies large and small, with an emphasis on visual design. After years of living in Silicon Valley, working in tech and working closely with product teams, I've decided to fully pivot my career towards UX design. I'm currently enrolled in a part-time course at IronHack Miami and am open to full-time opportunities within the field. 


Capstone Prototype  / Coworker

Coworker (alternate name pending) is a solution created to assist freelancers and remote workers in finding people to work with, and places to work from. Rather than creating a database of co-working spaces, Coworker adopts a model similar to ClassPass, granting users access to multiple coworking spaces through global membership. Within the same platform, Coworker also allows you to see who else is a member, so you can booth meet, work together, or simply network. 

This slide deck documents the main points of my research and process leading up to mid-fidelity wireframes. The project is still in progress and next steps include the final high fidelity designs with more research and testing.

Wellness App Prototype / North Star  

North Star is a habit management app that tracks your moods and helps you focus on creating healthy morning, afternoon, and night routines so you can easily prioritize self-care.

This slide deck documents the main points of my research and process leading up to mid-fidelity wireframes. The project is still in progress and next steps include the final high fidelity designs with more research and testing.


At ThoughtWorks studios, I was able to develop my HTML/CSS skills and UX/UI skills after completing a part-time front-end web development course with General Assembly (sponsored by TW Studios). My main focus on the team was visual design across all products. I was responsible for all marketing design needs such as digital banners, print collateral, and promotional schwag for trade shows. In addition, I worked on branding newer products and creating their logos (Gauge, Post) as well as refreshing old branding (Snap). I also helped design and implement Mingle's rebranded marketing site, as well as Snap's rebranded marketing site with responsive design and HTML/CSS.  


With Wear Your Voice, I've been able to work on a variety of projects and utilize my full range of knowledge and skills as a designer. 

Created the visual branding for Wear Your Voice; art directed photo shoots, worked on marketing initiatives and supporting graphics; created custom illustrations for products; designed and helped implement our media pack page, and created the wireframes needed for our website refresh. 



During my time with Liftopia, I aided in the creation and implementation of Liftopia’s brand guidelines; headed product marketing and consumer marketing campaigns, assets, and projects; designed email marketing initiatives and online/offline ad campaigns for magazines and trade shows; and used my illustration skills to add unique elements to our internal branding.


Futura was a prototype I printed and designed with the intent to be a local Miami newspaper that would focus on the community but have a strong emphasis on art, technology, and entertainment. 



No Benefits is an idea for a card game that was inspired by the dark comedy often found in the daily nuances of someone working in corporate America. Creators Steve and Pablo approached me with this idea, where I then created their branding and landing page to launch their Kickstarter campaign. 

Visit the site at: www.wehavenobenefits.com



The Cat Network is a non-profit organization from Miami dedicated to saving the feral cat population, finding them homes, and educating the community about cats. For their rebrand, I wanted to translate the elegance and grace of felines through a more refined appearance. Through this design, audiences are able to understand the delicacy of cats and the importance of caring for these creatures. 

Created logo, illustration, lettering, brochure, hand outs, pins, invitation to their annual gala, website home page



During my time at Telemundo, I would be in charge of styling the UI's that pertained to each of the network's soap operas. This is an example of some of the elements that I would have to brand based on the assets that would be handed to me (typically one poster). This process involved seamlessly carrying the brand through a strong visual identity via mobile banners, web pages, iPhone wallpapers, icons, and much more. For this project in particular, I also created the identity for 'El Sotano', which was a web-based supplementary storyline to the show. 

These are more samples of the types of banners I would create while working in Telemundo's Digital Media Department, which would range from Facebook Fan Page "Gate images" for Sweepstakes, advertising for one of their properties, or editorial banners



The Feed is a small quarterly publication released by myself and other officers of AIGA MIU. The idea was to create a way keep students well informed of the happenings in the local art scene, and the design industry. In addition, it featured a student submission section where students would be able to see the work of their peers. 

Created logo, cover, branding -- active Creative Director on project



Rebranded one of my favorite books by Douglas Coupland called "Generation X'. The posters feature some of the unique vocabulary found in the novel to illustrate some of the general recurring themes within the book.


Hello Design is a coffee-table book created to familiarize the reader with different aspects of the field through information, typography, and illustration. Each spread features different topics such as some of the most respected designers, schools, and companies within the industry.