"If I wasn't a designer, I'd probably be a therapist."

I am an experience designer with a strong foundation in graphic design and a deep curiosity in understanding others on a one-to-one level. My background helps me easily visualize solutions based on thorough research and user feedback. I am passionate about the design thinking process and have an interest in the early stages of product development - research, interviewing, and strategy. My new journey into experience design feels intuitive to my skills, abilities, and interests, and I'm eager to find a team to continue to learn, be challenged, and grow. 


From big companies Telemundo, to smaller start-ups like Liftopia - I've had experience designing for a range of clients with different goals and backgrounds from both the in-house perspective and freelance. 

Whether self-initiated or for a client, my passion for artistic expression is conveyed through many different mediums, with an emphasis on dry media and digital art.